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This material will be useful to project managers and company owners, who are running software projects either regularly or on a one-time basis.

Quality plan: what to include?

For every project, there is a project plan. The point is that for every project there should also be a quality plan. Unfortunately, very few of us know what it looks like. Right?

1. Agreeing on “good” quality

For those who have no or little experience in setting quality goals, this step may be rather daunting. But once you set your first goals, it will be less challenging for you next time.

2. Setting measurable quality goals

Sounds quizzical? Indeed, the budget is set in terms of money, deadline — in terms of calendar dates. How can one measure quality?

  • If you care about the number of defects, then apply the “defect density” notion. (Defect density = total number of defects detected in software for a certain period of time/product size, where size is measured in some concrete way, i.e. lines of code).
  • If the final performance parameters are important, then you can speak about the time of response (measured in seconds), throughput (bytes per second), or load (simultaneous users).
    Once you’ve identified the key quality attributes, it’s high time to figure out what your reasonable quality goals are.

3. Planning quality-related works

Defining measurable quality goals is not the end. In order to achieve them, you or your team must do something.

  • Introduce code review on early stages of the project.
  • Consider implementing a test-driven development approach. Writing the tests first requires a software engineer to consider what he wants from the code.

Bottom line

In today’s post, we’ve focused on planning for quality. Now you know that alongside the project plan, there should also be a quality plan in place. Have we convinced you?



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