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When you are reading this, 83% of enterprise workloads are already in the cloud, according to Forbes, while SaaS contributes to 37% growth in revenue of software development vendors.

SaaS model has definitely influenced on changing the classic development processes and shifting them to the cloud. And it’s the right time, as hyper-digital transformation and the lockdown consequences made many companies accelerate releasing time for their software products, so they had to introduce new approaches and innovations into their IT strategies.

Considering such a progressive impact, the IT market is witnessing a surge of SaaS-based applications. The more solutions emerge, the greater demand is generated by businesses.

The measures that companies should undertake to retain customer bases and entice new users reducing their moving to other IT products include implementing proper SaaS testing.

In this article, we’ve gathered 9 QA factors that may help organizations strengthen competitive advantage and keep the leadership in the market. But let’s start with some SaaS peculiarities required to know before executing checks.


That means companies need to be ever more vigilant about providing quality experiences. The reason why businesses opt for SaaS is in its numerous benefits encompassing specific features.

Reason 1. Smart scalability

Reason 2. Regular and rapid updates

Reason 3. Multi-tenancy

Reason 4. Adjustable architecture

Therefore, within these specifics, SaaS testing is more complicated than cloud and on-premises apps testing gathering a greater demand and a more profound attitude to QA activities.


1. Functional testing

2. Performance testing

3. Interoperability testing

4. Usability testing

5. Security testing

6. Compliance with requirements

7. API testing

8. Regression testing

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9. Test automation

Test automation is a pivotal element of the CI/CD pipeline that also may facilitate SaaS testing. With the concept of “release early and often” in the heart, it assumes continuously performing checks allowing delivery of faultless software in a strict timeframe avoiding expensive bug fixing.


By introducing QA tips from the a1qa’s list, one may improve solutions’ quality, get required business and operational values, and decrease churn rates.

Get hold of a1qa’s experts to improve the quality of SaaS-based products.

Originally published at https://www.a1qa.com on February 25, 2021.

Software Testing & Quality Assurance Company. #QA #testing #mobile #security #performance #consulting #automation #telecom #ecommerce #banking #Agile #DevOps

Software Testing & Quality Assurance Company. #QA #testing #mobile #security #performance #consulting #automation #telecom #ecommerce #banking #Agile #DevOps