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“Okay, tech innovations lie at the center of my digital transformation.” But why isn’t it enough to become a leader?

Successful digital transformation is pretty much about cultural shifts that facilitate new ways of thinking, working, and problem-solving.

According to the latest researches, the majority of market players are transformation-driven while focusing on adopting technologies and creating new business models. Why does another half of respondents slow down digitalization programs?

They don’t. It’s just a range of issues that impede the digital transformation journey — the lack of change management, evolving customers’ needs, ineffective data handling, and more.

Let’s find…

Having brought fast Internet browsing, high-def video streaming, and smooth mobile CX, 4G connectivity is on the way out. Today, we observe the advent of the wireless network revolution or 5G technology upsurge.

It’s becoming a crucial part of online ecosystems while embracing millions or billions of devices and people. What’s more, 69% of networking executives consider 5G as one of the most critical wireless means to perform their business initiatives.

Mobile software development and testing are reckoning on a new generation of connectivity. …

Having become a buzzword in the global context, test automation today is an integral part of Agile and DevOps culture. McKinsey states that as of August 2020, 41% of representatives have successfully applied automation across their entire enterprise or fully automated processes within at least one function.

However, these efforts are no longer sufficient due to the boosted development pace and an increased difficulty to withstand the competition.

Digital transformation paved the way for a faster transition to leveraging multiple devices. Now, smartphones are the most pervasive: end users harness mobile apps while performing day-to-day tasks and can no longer imagine the future without next-gen technologies.

This shift is streamlined even more due to the global situation, as more people have to move to online space to work, entertain, and savor communication from their homes.

Within the outbreak, the number of Internet users worldwide has dramatically increased. Statista survey indicates that 70% of respondents prefer mobile phones, compared with 40% of laptop users.

Therefore, companies rushed to build…

Today, the market share of mobile gadgets have exceeded the one for desktop by 12%. The estimates of using portable devices have been trending upward since 2016, and the number of mobile users is steadily increasing while applying more load on systems.

Due to providing a vast range of opportunities amid multiple industries, mobile applications are a new normal in terms of executing daily and business tasks. However, to ensure the successful release of an application in the market, companies should consider mobile app software testing and pay close attention to performance checks in particular.

Thus, we’ve prepared an overview…

How many companies have you heard of passing digital transformation journey in 2021? That’s a tough path, and there are questions to answer. They reimagine IT strategies while introducing innovations while applying brand-new approaches to handle business and operational processes.

Despite that, only 16% of executives submit the successful digital transformation journey. What slows down the digitalization of other 84% of companies?

One of the barriers is a growing amount of cyberattacks. Ensuring data privacy and proper cybersecurity is a top priority of any company aiming to succeed in executing a transformation program.

In this article, we shed light on…

Aiming to astonish end users, BFSI companies have created dozens of new opportunities ― eWallets, online services paying, crowdfunding platforms, and much more. The further going into development, the more complex BFSI solutions are becoming.

Dealing with finances and sensitive data makes this industry strictly liable for the soundness and safety of the software created. Within its serious and conscientious character, the quality should become a top priority.

The World Quality Report 2020–2021 indicates BFSI has a higher degree of achieving targets than the other industries that took part in the survey. …

Some years ago, companies were focused on optimizing operational processes, meanwhile, leaving the work on procurement, personnel, customer relationships, and more in the background. Considering the gravity of both internal and external activities, improving all in-house operations has become a clue to the maintenance of a competitive position in the market.

ERP systems turned out to be pervasive means of improving business processes. Statista’s report indicates that the world ERP software market revenue will reach $43 billion by 2021.

According to business needs and goals, companies opt for various ERP systems. Acumatica is a common platform amid small and mid-sized…

2020 gave an unambiguous answer to the question: “Is it worth developing the technological aspect of the business”? A global situation has created a new professional and economic environment that dictates how to maintain competitiveness in the market.

With digital transformation on the rise, IT budgets allocation has changed. According to SWZD’s research, 80% of European and North American companies expect to increase their IT budget in the next 12 months or have the same level as of this year. …

In line with a highly competitive market, businesses have their eye on digital experts to effectively promote their brand, turn to programmers and QA specialists to deliver a top-notch application under tight deadlines.

Cooperating with QA vendors, organizations not only get an experienced team, but also reap numerous benefits: concentrate on core activities, optimize costs, increase operational efficiency, and much more.

However, besides brought success, it shares potential risks and responsibility for achieving goals in delivering flawless software.

The process of choosing an entrusted partner is difficult, even when you have a solid plan for further activities. …


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