Cybersecurity: Top 5 questions to ask a QA vendor | Software Testing Company a1qa

Question #1. “What cybersecurity testing approaches and methodologies do you apply?”

Question #2. “Do you have a cyber incident response plan?”


Question #3. “Do you ensure software compliance with the global safety standards?”

  • Understanding risk significance and its impact on the system
  • Eliminating data transmission
  • Monitoring suspicious activity and preventing it.

Question #4. “Do you have an internal security policy?”

  • Data protection standards
  • Assessment of business risks
  • Resources and devices used in the workflow
  • Rules for non-disclosing third-party information
  • Guidelines on how to establish information security for the enterprises under national and international regulations
  • And more.

Question #5. “Do you educate your employees on cybersecurity issues?”

  1. Detecting cyber penetrations — to gain customers’ trust and ensure secure software.
  2. Identifying risks — to evaluate possible methods of threat elimination.
  3. Protecting software — to select the best QA approaches and mitigate potential damage.
  4. Responding to attacks — to analyze the committed attack and explore the ways to upgrade the system to exclude subsequent penetration.
  5. Recovering systems — to develop a response plan for potential breaches and sensitive data loss.

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Software Testing & Quality Assurance Company. #QA #testing #mobile #security #performance #consulting #automation #telecom #ecommerce #banking #Agile #DevOps

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Software Testing & Quality Assurance Company. #QA #testing #mobile #security #performance #consulting #automation #telecom #ecommerce #banking #Agile #DevOps