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Is it worth starting data migration to the cloud?

  1. Round-the-clock access. Now employees are not strictly dependent on the office as cloud storage allows working at any time and any place leveraging 24/7 ecosystem availability.
  2. Total scalability. By choosing cloud, companies can up- or downscale their computing resources thus adjusting the services depending on their needs and objectives.
  3. High data security. Concomitant process security is noteworthy as information can be restored easily due to data backup.
  4. Accelerated adoption. Software and hardware resources can be reconfigured into new information systems and business services in less than no time.
  5. Cost-effectiveness. Companies pay only for the services and capacity they use. There is no longer a need to purchase special equipment and applications for the maintenance of a data center.

Remember it’s not a walk in the park

Salvage transition with cloud testing

Functional testing

Test automation

Security testing

Performance testing

Bottom line




Software Testing & Quality Assurance Company. #QA #testing #mobile #security #performance #consulting #automation #telecom #ecommerce #banking #Agile #DevOps

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Software Testing & Quality Assurance Company. #QA #testing #mobile #security #performance #consulting #automation #telecom #ecommerce #banking #Agile #DevOps

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