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In this material, we are talking about our experience in testing CRMs and highlighting some useful advice on how to make the QA process more efficient.

Preventing major perils of CRM functioning

In the ever-growing IT world, the cost of one little CRM software mistake can take its toll and strike many business areas including finances (low ROI, up to market share loss, and more), customers (e.g. dissatisfied clients, decreased time to market, ropey brand reputation, and other), etc.

When can low-quality CRM damage the relationships with the customers?

There are many reasons for CRM failures be it a poor business need setting, unstructured planning, implementation missteps, or lack of change management.

Why should you take action and start improving the system quality?

The CRM, which is tested incorrectly or not tested at all, is vulnerable to numerous mistakes, which can take an impact on your work. The unfound and unfixed defects can bring an erroneous impression on the customer relationship management process. This can result in wrong decisions leading to the loss of clients. At the time, your competitor utilizes top-notch software to build long-term relationships with the customers and boost sales.

What should a successful CRM testing embrace?

To bring impressive results, CRM checks should encompass the main aspects of smooth system functioning.

Test automation? Yes!

It is an indispensable assistant in long-term projects helping save time and increase ROI by developing test scripts that can be applied in regression testing. Test automation facilitates performing lengthy QA activities and those embracing the huge scope of data.

What to expect in the future?

Based on the latest Gartner’s technology predictions for CRM and best-in-class customer experience, we are sure that awareness of trickiest CRM testing cases can help understand the process better, apply for demanded service, and not be overwhelmed by software specifics.



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