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Watching the global context change at the speed of light

How to benefit from unstable conditions?

Ensuring software stability under risky conditions

Product release

Unadapted mobile app to work on different platforms

New features

Ignorance of peak load points

  1. What are the peak load points?
  2. How does the behavior of the system at these points differ?
  3. For how long is the system able to work with a sharp increase in load?

Switching to new software

Supporting software product stability: three emergency measures

Download optimization

Server capabilities changes

Resource scaling

  • Set up system monitoring to determine the most loaded components.
  • Increase the capacity of the infrastructure on which the application is deployed using cloud solutions.
  • Configure the profiling of the DB and servers to identify the slowest queries, analyze them in order to optimize the query processing time.
  • With the traffic increase, we see the number of users and the amount of information stored in DB growing. To ensure the ability of the system to cope with this growth, volume testing is carried out.
  • Testing the software configuration helps determine the best combination of the server components, which reduces the cost of resources needed to maintain the environment.
  • Stability testing helps determine the optimal scalability options with a sharp load increase or decrease. Automating the behavior of the system in such conditions helps save resources multifold.




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