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When to start testing?

Oops… Have you noticed that users are spending too little time on your site, in your app, and more? The reasons can vary, from prolonged page loads to UX defects, but it’s not the best perspective for your software product, right?

When to choose full-cycle testing

We suggest that you consider 3 cases when business may profit from its introduction.

Low software quality

A software product with an abundance of defects can provide more opportunities for cybercriminals to take an advantage of vulnerabilities, create a negative user experience, and may even lead to product recalls or shrinking revenues.

Poorly configured QA processes

An all-embracing and properly tuned testing ecosystem can help spot issues at the outset of development, enable brisk problem-solving, and guarantee a continuous improvement process.

Preparing for a major release

Before entering the market, you may require a whole set of checks: performance, security, accessibility testing, and whatever depending on your product specifics and target audience.

Full-cycle testing benefits within the development process

We propose you to have a closer look at the advantages you can receive after giving preference to thorough QA support during multiple SDLC stages.

Planning and requirements preparation

Functional requirements with no inconsistencies or issues in business logic can eliminate the chance of post hoc expensive defect fixing or protracted development time.

Design and prototyping

During this stage, testing affirms the compliance of the developed prototype with the requirements and allows verifying proper operation of the basic functionality. Meanwhile, usability testing helps benchmark weak spots in an app’s features to improve them further.


The engineers at this point are involved in diverse QA activities aimed at enhancing quality level, from functional testing to test automation. However, bear in mind that particular testing types like security or performance are carried out only after fixing critical issues, as they may block further scope.


Prior to software delivery, acceptance testing helps guarantee a system’s compliance with the stated business requirements and significantly scale down the risk of defects spot in a production environment.

Summing up

A shift in the global context has compelled businesses to switch to the online and simultaneously accelerate product delivery. To perform digital transformations with confidence and improve software quality, one may leverage full-cycle testing.



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