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Why do forward-looking companies choose test automation?

  • Firstly, when it comes to large-scale applications with a huge number of functions that are tested regularly.
  • Secondly, test automation is essential during long-term projects with frequent changes.
  • And finally, automated testing is vital when releasing software often.
Source: World Quality Report 2020–21

3 core test automation activities to release high-quality software

1. Striking a balance between manual and automated testing

  • Repetitive tests running on every build or release (e.g., smoke, regression)
  • Tests on different configurations (e.g., multiple operating systems or browsers)
  • Tests that use the same script but various or dynamic data for each run (e.g., data-driven tests)
  • Tests that can be conducted at night (e.g., time-consuming tests)
  • And many more.

2. Choosing the right test automation tools

  • Platforms — discover whether the tool supports various platforms (web and mobile apps, desktop browsers, databases) or run only at a particular one.
  • Programming languages — make sure that the tool supports languages the QA team is going to use and matches the development stack.
  • Budget — find out in advance what costs the instrument entails being ready for additional expenses to support it in the future.
  • Project requirements — understanding the list of requirements and the problem that QA engineers need to fix with the software to opt for the most suitable tool.

3. Polishing DevOps processes with test automation at the core

  • Accelerating velocity without sacrificing IT solution quality
  • Enhancing reliability via complete test automation coverage
  • Improving user satisfaction through continuous software updates based on their feedback.

Bottom line



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Software Testing & Quality Assurance Company. #QA #testing #mobile #security #performance #consulting #automation #telecom #ecommerce #banking #Agile #DevOps