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What if not to test ERP systems?

These platforms supervise all processes within the company — from procurement and delivery to financial transactions. They cover a great amount of information about products, employees, and customers.

Source: Panorama Consulting Group

Holistic approach to ERP systems testing

Despite the differences in internal process management systems, a1qa’s experts recommend performing thorough testing of ERP software that covers all aspects and risks.

Functional testing

Once QA engineers have studied the documentation and business logic of the system, they proceed with the testing activities. Specialists verify the entire functionality in accordance with the requirements and identify defects. Before the new functionality is released, the QA team performs regression testing to check whether the changes didn’t affect the previously developed features. To make sure bugs are fixed, they conduct defect validation.

Security testing

According to Panorama’s survey, about 30% of respondents are concerned about the risk of data breaches when introducing an ERP system. Two reasons are prevalent: the lack of information from cloud solutions (16%) and potential data loss (9%).

Integration testing

In most cases, companies integrate ERP systems with ready-made software that increases the risk of malfunction. Therefore, system’s behavior is unpredictable. a1qa’s experts advise performing integration testing to identify defects and ensure stable operation of the platforms.

Performance testing

A large number of data operations that are continuously carried out and numerous ERP modules can cause server restart or crash. Through load testing, one can evaluate the behavior of the system under the expected load. Stress testing determines the peak number of simultaneous sessions and evaluates the stability of the software product.

Test automation

The engineers write automated tests for the frequent checks, the business logic of which is subjected to rare changes, such as regression cases. So, it saves time for testing, thereby reducing iteration.

Effective QA for an ERP system

Performance is affected by a number of factors, including the methodology on the project. The most pervasive approach in the IT industry is Agile.

In conclusion

In a highly competitive IT market, companies are forced to optimize not only production processes, but also all internal operations by implementing ERP systems.



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