A dedicated QA team: how to choose it, manage it, and make sure it delivers results

Nadya Knysh, Managing Director at a1qa

What value will a dedicated QA team bring to a project or business in general?

They generally take one of two paths:

When clients ask me about the difference between a good and a bad vendor, I have a simple answer/test — a good vendor wants to be your partner. A bad vendor wants all of your money right away. And that’s something you can understand from the very beginning of an engagement.

How to choose a decent dedicated team

Step 1: Check credentials

Step 2: Check past projects and clients

Step 3: Ask for a trial period

Step 4: Marry them!

How to make sure that selecting the dedicated team will bring the expected results

What are the mechanisms of managing and controlling an offshore testing team?

A side note: don’t forget to assess the results.

Summing up




Software Testing & Quality Assurance Company. #QA #testing #mobile #security #performance #consulting #automation #telecom #ecommerce #banking #Agile #DevOps

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Software Testing & Quality Assurance Company. #QA #testing #mobile #security #performance #consulting #automation #telecom #ecommerce #banking #Agile #DevOps

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